Wealth Management

Manage your wealth efficiently to achieve your financial goals with our professionals and state of the art platform

Through multiple interviews with our clients, we understand their current and potential situation, goals, preferences, risk-aversion, experience, expectations, family situation, insurance, structures and tax status, among other important information. Only then do we create a comprehensive Investor Profile that will be the base of our relationship and will guide future investments.

The advisor works with our investment committee, a group of professionals with great market knowledge, in order to create the ideal portfolio to match the client’s goals and profile. The committee looks for market strategists in various industries and geographic regions, and combines historical as well as hypothetical scenarios through the use of technology to invest in the most efficient risk/reward portfolios for each strategy. In order to get the best possible asset allocation and instrument selection, our committee works diligently, and attends events with the various research institutions and experts in the industry, leveraging research agreements we have established through our platform.

The end result of this process is a portfolio for each client, although sophisticated, is easy to understand. This portfolio will have ‘plain vanilla’ financial instruments such as Equities and Fixed Income but could also contain Alternative Investments including Private Equity, Real Estate, Structured notes and more.

The portfolio is under constant monitoring,  the investment committee will be providing investment insights into the strategy and the advisor will make sure that the client goals are still in line with the investment allocation.

We are happy to work with your current providers to coordinate strategies and maximize benefits or help you get a second opinion. As a courtesy to our clients, we put at their disposal our own third party network of: lawyers (tax, immigration, corporate), insurance brokers, CPAs, and real estate brokers, among others.

At Activest

We sit beside you – not across – to find the best possible investment in each category and create your personalized financial planning strategy to match your goals. We strive to reduce any potential conflicts of interest and provide full transparency, as we don’t get paid by any third party, only by you. Even better, thanks to our scale you get the benefit of the special conditions we have negotiated with the best service providers.