Family Office

Create your own family office experience, where you can leverage all our capabilities to grow your assets and achieve your family’s financial objectives.

Our financial advisors will attend multiple meetings with the relevant service and investment providers for your family. We will not only understand your family’s objectives and challenges, we will lead and coordinate all the moving pieces necessary to achieve them.

Through research and investment in human resources, we have found and trained experts to tackle the most important challenges for affluent families such as: Estate planning, Tax planning, Legacy, Family business & governance, and Investments.

Your family and our team will assess your needs and prioritize the coaurse of action.

Thanks to our unique platform that includes benefits such as: special fee arrangements with multiple custodians and professionals, open architecture in-house reconciliation software, deep-level due diligence and access to investments, credit facilities, access to alternative investments (Real Estate, Mezzanine Loans, Projects) and professional and independent research, your family’s investment will keep growing.

Activest will help you coordinate your service providers or introduce you to the ones we use, such as: lawyers (tax, immigration, corporate), insurance brokers, CPAs, real estate brokers, as well as any other.

Family Office Experience

There are many companies offering Family Office services. Our system, our professionals, our high ethical standards and our processes are the differentiating factors of our service. But our character is the most difficult to find in the industry, we make your needs and problems as ours and we will resolve them together, as family. That’s why our slogan: MORE THAN FAMILY.