About Us

We have over 23 years of experience of achieving our client’s objectives throughout bull and bear markets. We have experience you can count on.

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    More than family

    We are a group of financial advisors dedicated to ensuring your family’s wealth.

    We embrace your past, are committed to your present, and can help you plan your future. We understand your situation and treat your assets as if they were our own; together we can solve any problem, just like family.

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    Strong Values

    We believe in sharing the fruits of our labor with those who are less fortunate by participating in charity and volunteer activities.

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    Experienced Professionals

    Our financial advisors have the experience you need to achieve your family’s financial goals regardless of market conditions.

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    Added value

    We are focused in adding value in every step of the process, not only because of our strong banking institutions and industry relationships with providers, but also due to the results of our performance and the solutions we bring to the table.

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    Comprehensive Solutions

    We are not your typical financial advisor who is only focused on investments. We go beyond seamlessly coordinating with different professionals to “orchestrate” the best possible outcome.

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    At the forefront

    We have invested our time and capital to access experts in various fields, segments, and industries in order to grow and protect your assets. We are up to date with the latest trends and technologies and prepared for changes within the industry.

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    We are a group of professionals with a strong set of moral values and ethics. Our client relationship is transparent and your trust is our treasure.

The Activest Experience

We invite you to try the Activest experience. Client satisfaction, performance and high level service are in our DNA.