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Enjoy and leverage our in-house developed portfolio software – APS for you and your clients.

  • Consolidate all of your client’s assets including alternative investments and performance in our state-of-the-art software.
  • Manage complex portfolios in a simple way.
  • Receive custom alerts with analysis to take action.


Work with our investment committee to create optimal portfolios according to your client’s goals.

  • Learn how to improve your clients’ performance with our asset allocation specialists.
  • Access a dedicated research team on each asset class, segment, industry or geographic region in top financial institutions.
  • Get in depth analysis of your clients portfolio and constant recommendations.
  • Access and due diligence on Alternative investments including Real Estate, Private Equity, Structure Notes and Hedge Funds among others.


Our operations team will optimize your practice and run your client’s daily activity needs.

  • Rely on dedicated trading professionals.
  • Provide client friendly document submission.
  • Constantly learn how to optimize your practice.


Become part of our marketing strategy to establish moats around your client and generate constant leads.

  • Create or join client events for your clients and potential investors.
  • Understand your target client and develop a strategy to gain their trust.
  • Leverage our online communications to reach your target audience.


Rely on our compliance and legal advisory team to grow your business.

  • Careful review and implementation of SEC guidelines.
  • Leverage our contracts with top legal and compliance experts.
  • Reduce the time you spend on compliance and focus on your clients.


Leverage our network and strategic alliances.

Access our network and strategic alliances including lawyers, brokers, CPAs, as well as other professionals and institutions which have been previously vetted by our organization and have negotiated special fees for our clients.

More Than Family

Our slogan is not only true for clients but also for our staff and advisors. We are looking for life partners to grow our success together and help others along the way.