Wealth Management

Discretionary and Non-Discretionary portfolio account management:

After an extensive meeting with the clients to understand their goals, economic
status, preferences, risk-aversion, experience and expectations; we determine
a complete investor profile. This profile will guide our investment proposals.

Account Consolidation:

We are true believers in diversification as the best
protection tool against risk and volatility. We understand that our clients have
accounts in different banks, and to help control and keep an investment policy in
accordance to their profile, we offer the following services

-Passive Reports of Accounts Consolidation: on a monthly basis we send a
single account report in which all accounts are accumulated.

-Active Reports: in addition to the monthly report, we give our investment
recommendations based on the client’s profile.

Sub-Advisory for institutional clients:

With our global awareness and active presence in the most of the markets, we provide research and investment advice to institutional clients.

Integral Services:

Because of our relationships with other professionals, we can suggest qualified firms to help our clients, such as accountants, financial planners, and immigration attorneys.